"IoT CRM" - a new dimension of value add marketing

The Internet of Things (IoT) opens up a complete new dimension of potential customer interaction - Customer Relationship Management (IoT CRM).

If your company succeeds early on in providing smart consumer solutions that positively support your customers with day-to-day tasks, ease their work burden and help make their lives better you will have a serious competitive advantage.

An IoT solution that points out waste, takes over repetitive and awkward tasks, helps to care for plants or pets, secures property, warns of severe weather or any other device or application that is perceived positive will be a huge benefit if you offer it first.

Customers with smart consumer devices who are treated the right way and get real value add out of a relationship with you will not only be happy customers and buy more but they will also have a multiplicative effect on other customers to join you and your value added offerings.

These customers will also gladly join communities to exchange their experiences, further improve the service or product and therefore help you to become even more successful.

With our 8+ years of CRM and 4+ years of IoT experience we are the perfect partner working with you on a concept that will power you to the top of an IoT CRM company....see our pilot project we designed and implemented for the horticultural industry - www.florja.com

about us

Communicate2Integrate GmbH, Munich and Zug is a start-up, which has set itself the task of "marrying" the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and opening it up to SMB's. Our vision is to help making an intelligent Internet of Things (iIoT) easy, cost-effective and accessible to everyone, to the real benefit of humankind.

  •     we "own" and develop the complete value chain - sensors / devices, applications and platforms
    •     we offer B2B and B2C solutions that are implemented vertically from and with us
    •     we have already implemented a convincing iIoT pilot - see www.florja.com

Concept Studies and Pilot Projects

For all of our offers and concepts, we ready to do pilots and concept studies. With little effort, prospective customers can set up our software and test specific requirements in their own environment.

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