"Intelligent Customer Services using the Internet of Things"

Modern software products, machines and plants are loaden with inter-connectivity, interfaces and links to industrial platforms for security reasons, production process interaction, logistics and simple streamline and control purposes. Proven architecture and stable technologies reduce costs, speed up production processes and therefore help any company to be more successful and ultimatively productive. While there is a lot of existing Internet of Things touch points in modern engineering already there is still (or because?) a lot of potential to streamline, ajust, combine and improve the existing IoT foundation.

For customer services purposes it is very beneficiary if issues - no matter what orign - can be identified BEFORE they actually fully arrise. Wheather this is through monitoring wareout, calculating effective operating hours or whatever the business and machine related indicators are. As soon as certain thresholds or patterns are recognized - they need to be addressed and communicated, a service ticket needs to be generated and the case has to be attended to. The more the customer services representative can do without the actual customer realizing it - the better.
Foreseeable issues can either be dealt with or at least reaction times will shorten and customer satisfaction will rise as well as cost for maintenance go down - perfect win-win situation.

about us

Communicate2Integrate GmbH, Munich and Zug is a start-up, which has set itself the task of "marrying" the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and opening it up to SMB's. Our vision is to help making an intelligent Internet of Things (iIoT) easy, cost-effective and accessible to everyone, to the real benefit of humankind.

  •     we are or have specialist along the eintire value chain - sensors / devices, applications and platforms
    •     we offer B2B and B2C solutions that are implemented vertically from and with us

Concept Studies and Pilot Projects

For all of our offers and concepts, we ready to do pilots and concept studies. With little effort, prospective customers can set up our software and test specific requirements in their own environment.

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