"Agri-iIoT" the intelligent Internet of Things for Agricultur

All major insurances as well as governments cover risks for farming and other agricultural businesses – tools, life stock, crops, buildings, security, predator and pest control, accidents etc.
Most of the risks are getting worse

  •     through global warming,
    •     the fact that pestizides and fertilizer detroy „natures automatic protection patterns (insects, other plants...) and last but not least
    •     migration policies that make it worse to get (and keep) skilled labor

    Unfortunately for some of these factors there is no protection and we just have to life with it.

    However, other risks can be minimized and on the edge technology can be used to effectively lower the expenditure these risks pose to insurances and governments – leave alone the farmers themselves.

    Our mission is to combine, enrich and use the Internet of Things to the benefit of the user in the agri business. We bring togehter existing networks, different devices and applications in order to combine as many (automated) data points as possible for pro-active actions. The good news is that in recent years the communication of "things", processes and people has become extremely simple, standardized and cost-effective.

    We have specialized in bringing together "all the components" of the "Internet of Things", delivering intelligent algorythms and big data processing on our back-end platform and continuously improve.

    Our vision is to help you integrate your "data and information treasures" to optimize communication between "things", processes and people within your company, thus establishing an efficient business process as well as happy customers in the long term.

about us

Communicate2Integrate GmbH, Munich and Zug is a start-up, which has set itself the task of "marrying" the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence and opening it up to SMB's. Our vision is to help making an intelligent Internet of Things (iIoT) easy, cost-effective and accessible to everyone, to the real benefit of humankind.

  •     we "own" and develop the complete value chain - sensors / devices, applications and platforms
    •     we offer B2B and B2C solutions that are implemented vertically from and with us
    •     we have already implemented a convincing iIoT pilot - see www.florja.com

Concept Studies and Pilot Projects

For all of our offers and concepts, we ready to do pilots and concept studies. With little effort, prospective customers can set up our software and test specific requirements in their own environment.

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